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Dr. Wilderness
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Animal Facts poster

1) The Moose is a member of the deer family.
2) The Arctic Ground Squirrel survives a body temperature below freezing.
3) Snakes are deaf.
4) The Whistling Swan has over 25,000 feathers.
5) Ninety-nine percent of Earth’s animals are the same size as or smaller than the Bumblebee.
6) The Koala Bear is not really a bear at all. It’s a marsupial.
7) A Cricket’s ears are below its knees. Female crickets don’t sing.
8) A Queen Bee lays over 1 million eggs in her lifetime.
9) The Coqui Frog is louder than a jet plane.
10) The Opossum sometimes gives birth to 20 babies at a time.
11) The Armadillo always give birth to four offspring of the same sex.
12) The Iriomote Cat was discovered in 1967 in Japan.
13) The Carolina Parakeet was killed to extinction in North America.
14) Both giraffes and humans have exactly seven Cervical Vertebrae.
15)The Arctic Tern has the longest migration than any other animal.
16) Two thirds of all earth’s species live in the Rainforest.
17) No two Zebras have the same stripes.
18) Elephants are the only land mammals who can’t jump.
19) Beavers have two sets of lips and their teeth grow 3 feet every year.
20) A Blue Whale’s heart beats nine times a minute.
21) Horseflies can fly 80 miles an hour.
22) A Giraffe’s tongue is 21 inches long.
23) Pink Salmon migrate 5,000 miles to the streams where they were born.
24) Humans are arguably the most extraordinary animals on earth.
25) The Praying Mantis is the only insect capable of turning its head.
26) Yikes!

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