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Size: 10" x 10"
44 pages
24 full page illustrations
Ages 4 and up
#13: 978-0-9762059-1-3
Hardcover, Library Binding

List Price:$19.95
5 book Minimum
Priced at: $9.95 each

Includes Audio CD
and Free Shipping!

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The Snowman's Song
A Christmas Story
Illustrations by Tracy La Rue Hohn
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield

We are offering an incredibile fundraising opportunity
for your Church or School the Christmas season...

“The story of The Snowman’s Song is a quest for a special voice, a unique identity for creative and spiritual expression. The snowman’s dream is realized when a young girl loves him as he is and recognizes his inner music. Impossible dreams do come true—the kindness, strength and encouragement of those who love us and who want the best for us makes miracles happen.”

—Marilee Joy Mayfield

Q) Why are we offering our new book, The Snowman‘s Song – A Christmas Story to Churches and Schools at this time?
A) We want parents and children to experience this deeply heartfelt and inspirational story together. Life lessons such as the power of prayer and kindness are brought home in this beautifully written and illustrated book. This is a book that celebrates the real meaning of Christmas and creates a memorable experience that can be understood at many different levels by children of all ages. They will identify with the snowman and his deep desire to find his own, unique voice.

Q) What is the age range that this book is intended to reach?
A) Children that are old enough to be read to, or who can read on their own would delight in this book. Although witten for advanced reading levels for young children, any child that listens as the story is being read can easily follow and understand the story by interpreting the illustrations. The publisher, author and illustrator have worked closely for over a year to convey the emotional ups and downs of the story through the little snowmans‘ expresssions. Every detail of the story and every stroke of the artists‘ pen shows that attention to detail.

Q) What is the benefit to Churches and Schools when fundraising
with this book?

A) Beside the obvious financial benefits, when your organization is putting effort into fundraising during the Christmas season, you will find that people will have an immediate good reaction to the Christian messsage. And as a result, your parishioners will be delighted to have their own copy as well as purchasing copies for their loved ones. We strongly believe that this wholesome new Christmas story makes a wonderful gift... one that will be treasured for years to come.

Q) What is included with each purchase?
A) Included is a 44 page, library quality, hardbound book that has been beautifully printed on heavy gloss paper in full color. The binding is stitched for long–term use. A gloss coated dustjacket is wrapped around for further protection. Along with this book, we are including an audio CD that is an inspirational reading by the author Marilee Joy Mayfield. A gentle choir hymn accompanies her reading. When children do not have someone to read this book to them, they can listen to Ms. Mayfield bring the snowmans‘ journey to life.

Q) How much does each Book and CD cost? Is there a minimum order?
A) The cost to you for both items is $9.95, a 50% discount off the retail price of $19.95! This will allow you to collect $10.00 for each unit sold when distributed at retail value. This is why this is such an excllent fundraising tool. Also, there is only a 5 book minimum order, however when you order 25 or more books your cost is only $8.00 per book!

Q) When will books become available? Is there a delivery charge?
How can we order?

A) The books are available now! We are fulfilling orders for this coming Christmas season, so don‘t delay! You can place your order and pay for it 14 days prior to the day you specify that you would like to have your books delivered. Delivery is free, and we have several ways for you to place your order. The details for ordering are on page 2 of the PDF.

If you would like more information about this special fundraising offer,
download our 2-page PDF. You will find out pertinent information to
help you make your decision plus a convenient order form.

To view several pages from this inspirational book, click here.

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