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The Snowman's Song
A Christmas Story
Witness a miracle this Christmas...A forlorn little snowman hopes, prays and yearns with all his heart for a beautiful melodic voice so he can rejoice by singing Christmas carols just like human children do. [more]
The Tiny Adventures of Big Sister and Little Sister
The everyday life of Big
Sister is filled with new
meaning now that Little Sister has come home.
A picture book for your preschool daughters to share... [more]
Sweet Sister Memories
A Hearts-Beared" Book
A gift book of memories
to share with your sister
(now that you each have
a few gray hairs).
Are you looking for a special gift book to give to your sister?... [more]
Melchior's Gift
Melchior's Gift, inspired by the biblical story of the three magi as told in the Gospel of Matthew. As our story begins...
We find that Melchior, being a God-fearing Persian merchant and having amassed a great deal of wealth...[more]
Big Sister, Little Sister
A Hearts-Beared" Book
A book of sweet rhymes
that captures the times
when two sisters grew and
adventures were new
. Its amazing how a tiny 5 inch by 5 inch gift book can hold so many hearts-beared" feelings... [more]
The Golden Cricket
A Story of Luck and Prosperity
This captivating fable for children and adults teaches the power of transformation and abundance in our everyday lives. Do you remember books you read as a child? ...[more]
The Great Veg-Out
Coloring Book, Song CD
and Crayon® package set.
This fabulous coloring book has over 60 adorable vegetable characters created by Judith A. Nelson and inspired by the song, The Great Veg-Out, which is included with the book on a special Music CD along with a 16 count box of Crayons®.
The lyrics to this hit song by Rhoda Butler and Brownie Macintosh are printed at the bottom of the pages so kids can follow along and sing! [more]

Around the World with Vegetarian Sandwiches and Wraps
75 easy-to-make, delicious, nutritious recipes for the vegetarian lifestyle (that even nonvegetarians will love).
Do you have the bored-with-whats-in-your-lunchbox blues? Are you tired of frequenting your local deli and not finding any choices that fit your vegetarian diet? Would you like to prepare easy-to-make vegetarian sandwiches that even the nonvegetarian members of your family would love? To purchase or read more...[click here]

Crabby Lessons
Christopher Crabs home-schooling Mom has become a little overprotective. Shes trying to teach him something she cant do herself, but the resourceful Christopher finds a creative way to achieve the same goal... [more]

The Dr. Wilderness
Amazing to Zany
Animal Facts Poster
Kids, its time to grab your safari hat and throw some cold water on your soon-to-be-awakened science brain and lets go on an expedition with Dr. Wilderness! Original Artwork by Randy Jennings Click here, or on the poster at the left to begin your expedition.
Birth Keepsake Print
Are you looking for a unique keepsake gift for a new mother? Our lovely, traditional birth keepsake announcement print by watercolor artist Tracy La Rue Hohn will be treasured always. The new arrival has brought so much boundless joy! The seemingly endless winter has been chased away in one heartbeat. Springs first flowers are in bloom and the world is filled with promise. Woodland creatures greet the storks special delivery... [more]

Dr. Wilderness has been called "America's Premier Environmental Magician"
Little Green Men
Story by
Marilee Joy Mayfield

Illustrations by
Randy Jennings

A brief overview...
Since he looked through a telescope for the first time at the age of three, Michael has wondered what it would be like if he had an encounter with a space alien. How great would that be!

Then they come for a visit and they are not like Michael imagined them at all! The events Michael encounters are not to be believed...[more]

Kids... click on
Dr. Wilderness above. Then, enter the
User ID:
and the
secret password
located at the
bottom of your
poster. You'll find
all of the
A to Z answers!
ABC Animals and Objects
Wipe-Away Tracing Book
This colorful new book will assist both parents and educators in training young children to write the alphabet in the correct manner. Not only is this new book an effective tool for early childhood development, but it is engaging and fun for young minds as they learn to form letters, write new words and learn to associate words with objects.... [More]
Hardcover Edition
LIbrary quality binding
Full Color " 10" x 10"
" 32 pages " Ages 3-up
On Sale Now!

Storytime Audio due:
February 2013!

Artwork and text copyright © Leaping Antelope Productions
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