25 Ways to Give a Booster Shot to Your Long-Term Small Business

by Ann Goodheart

This user-friendly, Acrobat PDF eBook provides 25 great ideas that can be adapted to any small or mid-sized business. Just because your company is not in the Fortune 500 list doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash with promotion and advertising. And let’s face it, these days if you don’t splash around on the surface, you might go down for the final count. Don’t go without a fight! Ann Goodheart’s ideas are easy to implement on a shoestring and will make you think of new ways you can adapt ideas you’ve used before and give them a new spin.

All of us get tired of working at our jobs, even those of us who are entrepreneurs. We still need a booster shot (ouch!) once in awhile to get us moving in a new direction.

This great little informational booklet is also available as a printed pamphlet. Available now.