ABC Animals and Objects Art Poster

Artist: Sally Marts

Discovering the mysteries of the alphabet has never been more delightful than with this beautifully rendered animals and objects poster by children’s illustrator, Sally Marts. In every square a whimsical animal and object demonstrate the displayed letters.

An amiable alligator offers an apple while a bodacious bear bounces a basketball and a courteous cat cozies up with a cup of chamomile tea. What’s that I hear? A dynamic dog is beating the drums to yankee doodle dandy. I thought the elephant’s ear muffs were to warm up his ears, but maybe he just wants some early evening quiet! Our florist fox is tending to her flower bed while the gentle giraffe munches on some grapes. A haughty hen prances in the barnyard with her new spring hat while an intelligent iguana enjoys a two-scoop ice cream cone.

Sally Marts has captured the childhood innocence and magic of learning the alphabet in every square. Letter recognition is that important first step toward the joy of reading. It takes repetition to learn the alphabet, but every time a child looks at this poster he or she will see new excitement.

Dressed in his finest circus jacket, a jolly jaguar juggles. A kind kangaroo mother and her kid cuddle as they fly their kites. A light-on-her-feet lamb dances among the autumn leaves. A moon-faced monkey is surprised to see another monkey in the mirror.

But it’s not what we see in these squares that really matters. It’s what your child sees as he or she begins the process of reading. The learning process goes from pictures to letters to matching words to pictures and then to the joy of reading…of being able to visualize what isn’t depicted on the page through the beauty of the written word.

And so we leave our animal poster as the newt plays nimbly with her necklace, the octopus organizes his oranges, the perky pig parades with her new red purse…

This poster is printed on sturdy, heavy weight matte paper with our state-of-the-art, high-resolution, seven color poster printer. We then laminate the poster double -sided for durability and ship in double-boxed containers. We guarantee years of use if properly handled and displayed. This poster is for indoor use only and is suitable for framing.