All about jackpots

All about jackpots

The main goal of any casino-goer at all times has been to get the big jackpot. If you think that a regular player necessarily gets lucky and, eventually, gets the elusive jackpot online or takes the top prize in a standard land-based casino, you are greatly mistaken. It’s worth discussing the types and size of this wonderful prize so it’s clear what to aim for. You can try your luck at

Jackpot types: fixed and progressive

In any solid gambling establishment (no matter virtual or ground) there are a fairly large number of slot machines of all kinds, which provides the jackpot. Usually such machines are reel-type simulators, but it may also be card machines or various lotteries. Jackpot in the casino can be fixed or progressive.

  1. The first option is almost any “one-armed bandit,” and is the maximum fixed payment in the case of finding a certain number of characters on the active line of the emulator. Usually it should collect the same image. Very often the pictogram can be Wild. The classic machines, which have only three reels and few lines, sometimes you need to collect the same symbol on all possible positions on the reels.
  2. The progressive jackpot is a gradually accumulating amount. It is formed from the deductions from the bets of players who run a particular machine. Usually it is a small percentage of each bet. Given that machines of this type are very popular and run quite often, the progressive jackpot is not infrequently a figure with a huge number of zeros. Today there are several types of such a prize:
  3. Stand Alone Progressive. This is the so-called standalone grand prize, which is formed when playing a particular machine within a single gambling establishment. It should be understood that in land-based casinos the jackpot amount can grow very slowly, since it is not the case that all visitors of the club first run to throw a coin in the right machine. Usually serious values of several million dollars such prizes do not reach.
  4. Proprietary Progressive. Experienced players know how to get the jackpot of this type. It is necessary to regularly play slots, which are networked in a single or multiple casinos, which belong to the same owner. If you are lucky, the payout can be very large.
  5. Wide Area Progressive or network big score. This is the most interesting and desirable jackpot not only for novice gamers, but also for professional players. Its fund is formed by launching the same manufacturer’s machines in different casinos. In this case, the owners of the institutions may be competitors, but the interest from bets made in their clubs flows in the form of cents and dollars from all over the world as thin streams into the prize fund. Here they gradually turn into a turbulent river that gradually becomes an ocean of several millions in convertible currency.

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