Ann Goodheart

Ann Goodheart

Ann has owned her own small business, a commercial design and printing company, in Silicon Valley for 17 years. Although she never had formal training in the graphic design field, her love of typography and layout motivated her to learn prepress and production. She studied her craft so that she could service her clients better by helping them communicate more effectively in print.

As she worked with a broad base of customers and companies throughout the years, she never forgot her own early struggles mastering the techniques and terminology of the rapidly changing graphic design and printing industry. Many of her experiences became the “war stories” that are an integral part of her book Alleviating Prepress Anxiety: How to Manage Your Print Projects for Savings, Schedule and Quality. Published in April 2000 by Leaping Antelope Productions, her book has been a top seller in the prepress category on

Ann is currently hard at work on two other books that will be published by Leaping Antelope Productions in 2005. She has also authored two eBooks recently, The Power of Custom Publishing and 25 Ways to Give a Booster Shot to Your Long-Term Small Business, available here on our website. These eBooks are available as printed booklets as well.

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