Bill Anders

If asked to describe himself, Bill Anders would probably say that he is a small town guy at heart. He has learned much about writing by teaching it… [more]

Dr. Wilderness Show

The Dr. Wilderness Show has been dazzling elementary children and adults for over ten years. This exciting, magical performance captivates children with its music and dancing, stage tricks, mystery and electronic puppetry. The show is entertaining and fun, but it also carries a powerful message about contemporary environmental issues. After all, our Earth and its resources are magic…a magic we don’t want to disappear. [more]

Ann Goodheart

Ann has owned her own small business, a commercial design and printing company, in Silicon Valley for 17 years. Although she never had formal training in the graphic design field, her love of typography and layout motivated her to learn prepress and production. She studied her craft so that she could service her clients better by helping them communicate more effectively in print. [more]

Randy Jennings

Randy Jennings is a published illustrator who has completed a half dozen full-length children’s books. Two of his illustrated books, The Perfectos: Island of the Forbidden Volcano (ISBN# 1-4010-8445-1) and Jack the Westie: Jack’s Special Day (ISBN# 0-9741295-0-X) were launched by other publishers in 2003. [more]

Treysi Kaehler

Treysi Kaehler has incredible talents as a photographer. She has just completed an entire photo shoot for our upcoming book, Around the World with Vegetarian Sandwiches and Wraps, by Anuradha Palnitkar. Her artistry is readily evident not only in the way that she has executed a very challenging 3-day photoshoot, but also in her mastery of the blending of complex background graphics. [more]

Tracy La Rue Hohn

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracy graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Graphic Design Illustration. Directly after graduating, she entered the graphic design field and created ads, logos, brochures and custom illustrations. In addition to her day job, in 1988 she started pursuing her freelance career with a specialization in children’s illustrations. Since then she has worked on over 15 books for various publishers including Simon and Schuster, Sunset Books, Lake Publishing and several well-known children’s magazines. [more]

Marilee Joy Mayfield

Why do children love Marilee? We think it’s because they think she’s one of them. It’s true she’s in a short, round adult body, but they look into her eyes and they just know she’s not really an adult…she might do something silly any moment.

Over the last several years, Marilee has written and managed the art programs for eleven books for children. Three more of her books are scheduled to be published and launched by Leaping Antelope Productions this year: [more]