The Snowman’s Song A Christmas Story

Illustrations by Tracy La Rue Hohn
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield

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Gold Recipient for Best Holiday Book!

Witness a miracle this Christmas…

A forlorn little snowman hopes, prays and yearns with all his heart for a beautiful melodic voice so he can rejoice by singing Christmas carols just like human children do.

There is little hope that he will ever have a voice, because the snow world is quiet and snowpeople communicate by sensing thoughts and feelings that travel as ice droplets in the swirling cold winter air.

But when a cheery red cardinal awakens his mind and a kind young girl renews his hope, a Christmas miracle happens and the little snowman realizes his longed-for dream in a powerful, joyful, unexpected way.

“The story of The Snowman’s Song is a quest for a special voice, a unique identity for creative and spiritual expression. The snowman’s dream is realized when a young girl loves him as he is and recognizes his inner music. Impossible dreams do come true—the kindness, strength and encouragement of those who love us and who want the best for us makes miracles happen.”

—Marilee Joy Mayfield

Shown below are several pages from this inspirational book.