Crabby Lessons

Illustrations by Randy Jennings
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield

Christopher Crab’s home-schooling Mom has become a little overprotective. She’s trying to teach him something she can’t do herself, but the resourceful Christopher finds a creative way to achieve the same goal.

Inspired by a much-loved Aesop fable, this entertaining story teaches the power of persistence—even when the task at hand seems unnaturally difficult. We join Christopher on his inventive, harrowing adventures toward his “unreachable goal.” He gets a little older and wiser throughout the story…and so does his Mom.

It’s a gentle lesson. Sometimes it’s difficult for Christopher’s Mom to loosen up her claws a little. But after she does, Christopher makes her proud.

The colorful, expressive art by master illustrator Randy Jennings, brings Christopher’s underwater home alive and the subtle humor on every page will delight both children and adults.

We’ve included a few pages from this wonderful book.