Essential Nonfiction Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Essential Nonfiction Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

You often hear entrepreneurs say they want to read nonfiction books. What makes them fail? Why don’t they follow through on reading good books? Have you ever heard such remarks from someone who ended up quitting their startup or running away from home instead of staying focused? The reason behind these questions is obvious—they have no idea what really happens inside a book. And I’m talking about true stories, actionable insights, and real-life lessons, not some cliched motivational platitudes. These books aren’t written for beginners either. They are meant for those who want practical guidance in building a successful company.

Essential Nonfiction Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Entrepreneurship and Nonfiction Books

These two topics sure seem like an oxymoron but they go hand-in-hand because entrepreneurship is all about writing and publishing products that people will buy. If you’re into startups, the very essence of your work revolves around writing business plans and other documents that help investors and potential customers understand how your product works, whether it’s a new software app or a service in a different industry. Reading a couple of nonfiction books as an entrepreneur is a must if you want to be effective at this job. Here are my favorite nonfiction books that every entrepreneur should read:

1. Build to Last by James Collins and Jerry Porras

The title says it all. This book will take you on a journey to build a lasting company. It contains practical advice on everything related to growing a company. You’ll learn how to design systems that last, how to manage people effectively, how to overcome obstacles, and more. You can also learn how to do things right out of the gate so that you don’t need to change anything later down the line. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a few clients, this is a great book for anyone working with companies that are worth thousands of dollars.

2. In Search Of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman (Nonfiction Books Royalty)

This book will change your view of leadership forever! When you finish reading this book, you’ll never look at management the same way again. There are several reasons why this book has been called one of the most influential books ever written. First, it shows you how organizations succeed in terms of culture, values, beliefs, and behaviors. Second, it provides a framework for developing high-performing teams and a unique set of tools that will enable any organization to achieve its goals. Finally, it explains how leaders can lead without dominating others. This book isn’t just an inspirational bestseller; it’s a book that changed the world.

3. Built To Last by Collins and Porras

Another classic! Another book that changed the world—this time, the world of strategy. Many people think this book is about managing businesses, but it’s actually much deeper than that. Collins and Porras explain that when developing a strategy, there are six factors that matter: purpose, principles, people, processes, performance measures, and innovation. Once you learn how to apply each factor to a situation, you’ll be able to make the right decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Good To Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins made his name popularizing the concept of “Good to Great” back in 2001. He showed that many large organizations that were struggling could turn their fortunes around through simple yet profound changes. In this book, he shares what these companies had in common and gives you actionable tips on how to improve your own company.

5. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Duhigg does a great job explaining habits, how habits form, how habits affect us, and why we sometimes find ourselves doing things without even realizing it. For example, did you know that you get hooked on certain foods not because they taste good, but because they make you feel good? That was something I didn’t know until I started reading this book. Throughout the book, Duhigg tells you about various habits from a historical perspective.


The Bottom Line – Nonfiction Books for Entrepreneurs

Before an entrepreneur starts seeing any real money, they start thinking about building a business that lasts. One of the main reasons that small businesses fail is because they lack focus and/or vision. All too often, entrepreneurs think about making money instead of focusing on building a business that lasts long after they’re gone. A good nonfiction book can help you avoid those mistakes. Hopefully, after reading some of these titles, you’re now motivated to keep going and build a successful company.