How can I make taking steroids safer?

How can I make taking steroids safer?

Despite the undeniable benefits of anabolics, the experienced bodybuilder knows how dangerous these drugs can be. Especially in cases of abuse, when novice bodybuilders intentionally or accidentally violate unofficial instructions. After all, even if you bought Cut Mix 150 mg in a reliable store, it is critical to adhere to the instructions for its use. 

The Danish Experiment

In Denmark, 342 fitness centers participated in an anti-doping program. If you were a member of one of the gyms and your physical form looked too good to be natural, you were tested for steroids. And if you suddenly failed a doping test, your membership card was revoked for 2 years. In 12 years of testing (from 2006 to 2018), 545 Danes lost access to their favorite gym. Yes, we agree, sounds like a made-up story. It wouldn’t surprise us if it had a sequel where all “sinners” are sent to detention camps, forcibly forced to follow a vegetarian diet and do CrossFit.

Nevertheless, it’s all true to the last word (except for the continuation with the reform camps). What’s more, the story has a real sequel: Danish researchers decided to study the health of men who had been caught using steroids. Volunteers were studied for short-term side effects and long-term effects on the body. It turned out that for some, the use of “chemistry” did not go unnoticed. In a bad way.

What did the scientists find?

Experts spent 10 years tracking the health of hundreds of young men (average age 26 years) who used illegal drugs, and found that the use of “chemistry” increases the risk of premature death by almost 3 times. Colleagues from Sweden conducted a similar experiment, and according to their estimates, the chance of death increases by 15-20 times. True, the Swedes did not study young, healthy men, as the Danes did, but rather the inmates of their correctional system, that is, prisoners.

This means that the Swedish researchers’ estimate is, to put it mildly, inflated. We do not exclude the possibility that some prisoners did die due to the abuse of pharmaceuticals, but in prison conditions there are enough factors that affect the mortality statistics without them. Convicts may have been poorly fed, held in pernicious conditions, and beaten without timely medical care. We have all heard the stories of how prisons cripple people instead of rehabilitating them. Even if it is a relatively humane Swedish prison.

It is also worth bearing in mind that potent substances can indirectly contribute to dangerous behavior (due to increased aggression while taking them or mood swings, up to and including depression, due to drug withdrawal), which sometimes leads to hospitalization or death of a person. Or maybe the very people who decide to use “chemicals” have a predisposition to drawing from the outset. But all of this is characteristic of those situations in which the drugs are not taken correctly. If you find Cut Stack 150 mg in a reliable pharmacy and follow your doctor’s recommendations, the risks are greatly reduced.