How to bring passion back into family life

How to bring passion back into family life

It’s no secret that we all fantasize, and it’s no secret that these fantasies are sometimes quite brave. We’re talking about erotic fantasies. At the same time, many people have imagination, dreams and fantasies that contradict the real intimate life. A man does not allow himself what his sexuality entails. He forbids it himself or cannot overcome his own constriction.

Such confinement, limitations, or notions of perversion are usually invented or shaped by “shadows of the past”. By “farfetched,” we mean, among other things, bad education, and by “shadows of the past,” we mean the very “shadow” in the unconscious, a concept introduced by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung. Simplistically speaking, it is formed in our subconscious as we consciously deny ourselves something, and formed throughout life, since childhood. This is particularly characteristic of sexuality. Hence the “indecent” erotic fantasies, “dirty” thoughts, secret desires, of which it is shameful to think. For example, you can think about how to find a threesome and even start this conversation with your partner. But you may not have to do anything, continuing to live a gray and boring life.

And as a result, a person holds back, does not reveal himself or his partner; he starts to degenerate sexually, far-fetched complexes turn into beliefs, beliefs into life philosophy, and philosophy into mentality. Sex goes into the category of debauchery, and its absence becomes the norm; all this is an excuse. Often this leads, in fact, to a split personality, and sometimes a serious internal conflict.

Moreover, all at once and next to both partners, and each of them hides the problem from the other. He is either ashamed of it, or afraid to show himself in a bad light to a loved one, or does not want to upset him. And so instead of helping each other to reveal themselves sexually, the partners move in the opposite direction. Each of them and they both clench more and more together, sexually degraded. This is a common problem in most couples and one of the main reasons for the fading of family sex.

Many close the door of intimate life tightly to cherished desires, leaving fantasies to fantasy and considering them vicious. This is a dangerous mistake that prevents the potential of a couple from opening up. By opening this door more and more for your “shadow”, you increase your possibilities. Be bold with erotic fantasies, the “shadow” becomes darker when we turn away from it. As suggested by the American psychologist David Schnarch in his book Passionate marriage, enjoy your vicious side, it melts a sea of pleasures.

While teaching couples bed art, professionals pay special attention to this issue. After all, in fact, sex life can not fade away, and what to do about it – it is clear. As a matter of fact, each couple has two ways – to remain lovers or become just friends because the sex dies down over time. So you choose what’s best for you.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to renew your passion in family life, you should look for swingers in san diego or in the city where you live now. Many people have different perceptions of being able to become sexually involved with another partner. If only one partner takes this step, it is commonly called treason and there will always be problems. If this question comes to swinging, both spouses enter into sexual relations with other partners. So this cannot be called treason, but rather a simple sexual experiment. Over time, this experiment can completely turn your life upside down and bring a lot of new emotions into it.