Meditations Poster Series framable prints

Gardens Poster

Our Gardens poster provides a space for meditation and contemplation in the middle of a busy work day. This vibrant, beautiful paper garden fits in a 21 inch by 30 inch space.

The twelve color-rich photographs and wisdom-rich quotes are a perfect place to pause your eyes for a few minutes. A ladybug walks up a spring-green leaf. A young rabbit pauses before it jumps around the next grass-covered hill. A graceful swallowtail romances a flower. A patch of wildflowers awaits your discovery.

You can almost smell the fragrance and feel the breeze on your brow.

Cosmos Poster

Decorated with inspiring quotes and an array of dazzling galactic images, our Cosmos poster will lift your spirits and awaken your dreams.

This awe-inspiring window to the wonders of our universe fits in a 21 inch by 30 inch space. Every day we humans buzz back and forth to work and home. Our lives are so busy, so filled with activity. But when we stop to think about the vastness of space and our place in it, all seems quiet.

As we look up into the sky we can only dream and think grand thoughts.