Melchior’s Gift

Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield
Illustrations by Sally Marts

Melchior’s Gift, inspired by the biblical story of the three magi as told in the Gospel of Matthew.

As our story begins…

We find that Melchior, being a God-fearing Persian merchant and having amassed a great deal of wealth, was not able to feel calm in his soul. Within a year after a cloud of fierce locusts had wiped out his crops, he lost everything. Only his wife remained faithful and they now had become tent dwellers. They feared for their lives and asked, “Why had their God abandoned them?”

But then something had changed in Melchior’s heart, and he vowed that no matter what his fortune would be, he would never forget the greatness of God. And as it came to pass, a miracle and the brightest star the heavens had ever shown would change their lives forever. Where would his visions and his faith lead him? The answer to that question would be revealed to him during his travels through 1000 miles of harsh desert sands and bring him to the true meaning and joy of Christmas.

Several pages that are shown here on our site reveal some of the story and the style in which this inspired book is written, as well as the art that make this book so special. For children and adults of all ages, Melchior’s Gift can be a wonderful addition to your family’s library or as a gift for someone special.