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Books and Multimedia for Learning, Exploring, Accomplishing and Planning

We want to inspire, educate, entertain and delight you and your family with our books and other media. This desire is what gets us going in the morning and makes us work late into the night.

Just like most businesses, our company started with a dream in 1987. Within three months of meeting each other, falling in love and getting married, Stephen and Annamaria Farbizio, the companys owners, decided that they wanted to work together. And so Stephen left his job as the manager of a graphic arts photography department and Annamaria left her job as a product manager at a publishing house. They pooled their talents, their interests and their combined savings and started a commercial design and printing company, called Armadillo Press.

Their company grew, their client base grew and their equipment capabilities grew. Even though they were officially a Mom and Pop shop, they tackled projects that most small companies wouldnt be foolish enough to try.

They were very lucky and very blessed. They had a loyal Silicon Valley customer base and their clients pushed them to learn and do more. Almost before they knew it they were expanding into publishing support for self publishers and book production. And the best thing of all was that they worked together every day and went home together every night.

Oh, were not claiming it was all rosy for them. Some days they argued and mistakes were made along the way. But despite the problems, they still wanted to be together every day, even after sixteen years.

Throughout the years, another dream was slowly taking shape. After supporting the publication goals of their clients for so many years, they frequently talked about creating books and other media under their own publishing division. And so in the spring of 2000 they trademarked and launched their own publishing imprint, Leaping Antelope Productions.

Leaping Antelope Productions took a quantum leap in 2001 by beginning the search for artists and authors to be a part of the companys extended family.

We all share a common philosophy as we develop and publish childrens books, posters, cookbooks and how-to books. We want our words to challenge you and our illustrations to inspire you. Our hearts and souls go into the characters we create, the illustrations we draft and the stories we tell in our childrens books and posters.

With our cookbooks, we hope to inspire you to try new cuisineseven if you just have 15 minutes to prepare dinner. Our how-to business guides are designed to entertain and educate so you can leap over more ground quickly and enjoy the journey while youre getting there.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments. We value your feedback and look forward to speaking with you personally.

Warm Wishes from All of Us at Leaping Antelope Productions

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