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32 Page Booklet, Small Business,Planning >>>
25 Ways to Give a Booster Shot to Your Long-Term Small Business
by Ann Goodheart

This user-friendly, inexpensive booklet provides 25 great ideas that can be adapted to any small or mid-sized business. Just because your company is not in the Fortune 500 list doesnt mean you cant make a splash with promotion and advertising. And lets face it, these days if you dont splash around on the surface, you might go down for the final count. Dont go without a fight! Ann Goodhearts ideas are easy to implement on a shoestring and will make you think of new ways you can adapt ideas youve used before and give them a new spin.

All of us get tired of working at our jobs, even those of us who are entrepreneurs. We still need a booster shot (ouch!) once in awhile to get us moving in a new direction.
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Size: 6" x 9"
32 pages
Booklet format
Item Code: GBK-732
List Price: $6.50
Every day across the US, over 3 million secretaries, administrative assistants, marketing managers and product managers are asked by their managers to oversee and purchase design and printing services.

A quick two-hour read of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety will help the purchasing novice make more astute decisions. These educated choices will translate into quality design and printing as well as cost savings. It is our mission to help empower corporate administrators to manage their time and resources at a more professional level. We feel that readers retain more of what they read when reading is entertaining as well as educational.
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8-Page Booklet,
Publishing >>>
The Power of Custom Publishing
by Ann Goodheart

What is custom publishing? Do you have to be a publisher to produce a custom published product? How can you use custom publishing to build your business? All these questions and more are addressed in Ann Goodhearts new PDF e-article. This value-packed mini ebook presents ideas for using custom publishing to grow your businessideal for business owners, publishers and writers.

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Size: 6" x 9"
8 pages
Booklet format
Item Code: TCP-832
List Price: $4.95

13 Page Booklet,
Nutrition >>>

Nurturing Healthy Food Habits in Your Children
by Anuradha Palnitkar

This booklet is jam-packed with a wealth of ideas that will assist you in preparing healthy meals for yourself and your children.

You CAN influence healthy eating patterns in your children. Helping your children make good food choices is important for their normal growth and development. Nutritional studies have shown that healthy eating habits developed in early childhood lead to healthy eating habits in adulthood. By encouraging your children to eat healthy you are helping them to reduce the risk of nutrition-related diseases now and in the future.

Proper nutrition in childhood will reinforce lifelong healthy eating habits. Your guidance will contribute to your kids overall well-being and will help them lead a healthy life.

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When you purchase 1 copy of: Alleviating Prepress Anxiety we will include a free ink chip chart. This valuable color guide has dozens of color combinations and by itself, is a $7.95 value.

Supplies are

Size: 6" x 9"
13 pages
Booklet format
Item Code: FHC-932
List Price: $5.95

22 Page Booklet,
Education >>>

The Enchanting World of Parent-Child Conversational Reading
by Marilee Joy Mayfield

This booklet will give you extraordinary insight ito the value of read aloud books, and the lifetime beneficial effects you can impart to your children.

This report contains a powerful educational secret.
You can hold this secret in the palm of your hand. With your guidance, this easy-to-accomplish technique has the potential to dramatically improve your childs growth and development for the rest of his life. This simple technique takes only 15 minutes a day and is available to every parent regardless of economic constraints or social status. Parents, teachers and caregivers have been using this method for generations but only in recent years have the dramatic advantages of this process been firmly established by countless educational reports and government studies.

This 22 page pecial report will clarify many of the techniques used to enhance and stimulate your child's love of reading. Marilee Joy Mayfield is the author of five books for children and has been involved in writing, teaching and publishing since she first wrote a series of magazines with her sister, when she was eleven years old and her sister was eight!

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Size: 7" x 10"
22 pages
PDF eBook format
Item Code: EPC-795
List Price: $7.95
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