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Every day across the US, over 3 million secretaries, administrative assistants, marketing managers and product managers are asked by their managers to oversee and purchase design and printing services.

A quick two-hour read of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety will help the purchasing novice make more astute decisions. These educated choices will translate into quality design and printing as well as cost savings. It is our mission to help empower corporate administrators to manage their time and resources at a more professional level. We feel that readers retain more of what they read when reading is entertaining as well as educational.

Author Ann Goodheart and William Addison have teamed up to bring you this insightful, and educational multimedia CD. Their goal in creating this interactive experience, is to bring clarity and enjoyment to a very technically demanding topic for the novice graphics professional.

If you are finding yourself confronted with the challenge of creating your first newsletter for publication, or preparing a sales flyer for mass distribution, then this CD will become a welcome reference tool. By using some of the guidelines that are presented here, you will be able to implement a cohesive plan for your project. The details of the production experience are easily absorbed, as they are in the book. You will develop confidence in your decisions as you move through the production process.

The CD is divided into 5 Chapters and an interactive glossary that helps to illustrate key terms, 14 short vendor movies about the production process, real-world war stories and more. This is a Mac compatible CD and runs in version 8.x to 9.x and OS 10x in classic mode. The structure of the contents are based upon the sound fundamentals that are discussed in Ms. Goodheart's popular book, Alleviating Prepress Anxiety. The book itself is not software specific and covers production processes that are common in the industry.

Click on any of the small thumbnail images below to see a larger screenshot of select CD components. You will see a short description of the topics covered when you select the image.

Don't forget to take advantage of our web-only special. If you buy both the book and CD, you will receive a free ink chip chart and a 30% discount off the retail price of both the book and CD. Act now, this offer is for a limited time only!

ISBN: 0-9659222-8-6
Author: Ann Goodheart
Pub Date: 4/2000
Price: $14.95
Chapter 1 " Your Audience
Chapter 2 " The Technicians
Limited Time Offer!

When you purchase 1 copy of: Alleviating Prepress Anxiety we will include a free ink chip chart. This valuable color guide has dozens of color combinations and by itself, is a $7.95 value. This offer is good until 12/30/07.

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Chapter 3 " About Type
Chapter 4 " Graphic Fundamentals
Chapter 4 " Image Resolution
Chapter 4 " About Color
Artwork and text copyright © Leaping Antelope Productions
Chapter 5 " About Papers
Chapter 5 " Binding
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