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Item: DRWCD1
20 Cool Songs!
Price: $14.95

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Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts
poster absolutely free!
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Attention: Science teachers, ecologically-aware parents, and recycling whiz kids.
Leaping Antelope Productions, in cooperation with
Dr. Wilderness, is proud to present,

What in the World is a Kinkajou?
(and Why in the World should it Matter to You?)

A Fast-Paced, Rollicking, Frolicking Collection of 20 Cool Songs for Saving Planet Earth

Dr. Wilderness and his musical crew
have created these magical songs just for you.
Theyre clever, theyre corny, sometimes theyre just silly
Each dittys so witty
His voice is harmonious, the words are melodious,
The production has style...
And before you know it, in just a short while,
Your brain supersizes
with thoughts of reuse, recycle, reduce...
The Docs funny, but serious, words to the wise
have a way of awakening your ecology eyes.
His songs stick in your head, and become your biology
or, perhaps, more correctly, they become your psychology.

So here are some song clips
For your quick review...
When you hear them, were sure
Theyll be magic to you.

These fun songs teach kids of all ages how to protect earths resources: air,
water, rainforests, wildlife, energy. After all, our earth is a home filled withmagic
a magic we need to preserve so it doesnt disappear.

If you would like to sample one of the sound snippets

Click Here
for mp3


Click Here
for small aif sound

Item: DRW028
Size: 21" x 30"
Price: $14.95
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Original Artwork by
master artist
Randy Jennings

To listen to any one of the 20 song snippets, click here or on the CD.
You will then be able to choose mp3 or smaller aif files.

For more interesting information, check out the Bio page we have assembled for Dr. Wilderness on our site...click here

You can link to the Dr. Wilderness site by .

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of What in the World is a Kinkajou? goes to the Emmy-award-winning Dr. Wilderness Show, a non-profit company dedicated to planet Earth and kids everywhere! Dr. Wilderness and his friends are always on tour with their unique presentationa blend of magic, music and electronic puppetry. To date, they have educated and entertained with their fun, but serious, message of environmental responsibility in more than 45 countries! See more information about Dr. Wilderness and his current tour schedule at:

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Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts poster
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Item: APA-CD1
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Artwork and text copyright © Leaping Antelope Productions
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