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Birth Announcement Keepsake Poster
for Infants

Are you looking for a unique keepsake gift for a new mother?

Our lovely, traditional birth announcement print by watercolor artist Tracy La Rue Hohn will be treasured always. The new arrival has brought so much boundless joy! The seemingly endless winter has been chased away in one heartbeat. Springs first flowers are in bloom and the world is filled with promise. Woodland creatures greet the storks special delivery. Everyone wants to be near this sweet, happy cherub so they all crowd in.

You can start here by choosing:
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The process only takes a few minutes...the memories will last
a lifetime.

ABC Poster

With imaginative art by Sally Marts, this ABC poster will delight and inspire children to learn their alphabet. Every square has an animal and an object for the letter displayed in the square...[More]

Birth Announcement Poster

This keepsake poster is customizable as a gift for the new baby. Winter changes to spring now that the newborn has arrived bringing happiness and grace into the home of the expectant parents. The stork delivers the bundle of joy wrapped in spring flowers and all the baby animals crowd in to get their first glimpse of the cherubs face. You supply the babys name, date of birth, time of birth, date and weight. The staff at Leaping Antelope Productions will supply a keepsake to be cherished always...[More]

Dr. Wilderness Poster

Dr. Wilderness is not so sure-footed at the moment. He needs your help to answer the Amazing to Zany Animal Questions on this educational, science poster. Kids and their science teachers will be amazed and astounded by the interesting animal facts. With beautifully rendered art by Randy Jennings, this poster is a great springboard for science curiosity. Every purchase benefits the Dr. Wilderness Show, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Planet Earth...[More]

Under the Sea Poster

With fantastic watercolor details by artist Tracy La Rue Hohn, this underwater fantasy is customizable for childrens birthdays or special celebrations. The party has begun and your child is the star. Commemorate your childs birthday or unique celebration with his or her name, the date and time of the event and your own special saying. What a fun way to remember a special day in the life of your child!...[More]

Lamination Special

Purchase any "Meditations Series" poster and get your poster laminated free of charge. Our high-quality laminating material is a durable 3 mil clear material that will last a lifetime. This extra service is a $15.00 value.

All of our poster products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Gardens Poster
Wouldnt you like to take a stroll in your favorite garden in the middle of the work day? Our gardens poster is perfect for your office wall. A respite for your eyes from the computer screen, this poster is filled with rich, inspiring images and quotes that will give you an inspirational breather in the middle of the work day...[More]

Cosmos Poster
Perhaps you would like to take a work day break in a more other-worldly environment. Our Cosmos poster with its images of our glorious universe will lift you up to another level. With a dozen awe-inspiring quotes, this poster will give you the boost you need to think on another plane...[More]

Golf Poster
These twelve golf course photographs evoke a sense of peace and tranquility... yet the humorous witticisms contrast with these peaceful images. Now that's golf! How often have you experienced this conflict? Well, along with these twelve famous people here, you are not alone!...[More]

Waterfall Poster
Water is the most precious element in nature. The color and majesty of these powerful images will grace your walls and bring a you a sense of wonder....[More]

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