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The Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts Poster

Kids its time to grab your safari hat and throw some cold water on your soon-to-be-awakened science brain and lets go on an expedition with Dr. Wilderness!

This adventure will take us around the world where well explore Amazing to Zany Animal Facts. The animals, habitats and alphabet clues will help you answer the 26 questions that Dr. Wilderness needs to compile his scientific report. At the moment hes not so sure-footed so hes hoping youll help! (After all, every serious scientific study depends on diligent data deductions, doubly checked to develop statistically verifiable conclusions.)

This colorful, fascinating zoo for the eyes contains a question and answer for every letter of the alphabet. And speaking of A to Z, your mind will go into Active mode instead of Zombie mode once you start researching these odd and entertaining facts.

We thought we should warn you that this poster could lead to some dangerous aftereffects. Once your brain is sparked scientifically, you might not be able to shut it off. You might get curious about all sorts of things and then suddenly one day youll wake up and realize that your brain hasnt been in Zombie mode for a really long time.

Item: DRW018
Size: 12" x 18"
Price: $9.95
For larger sizes choose from the two other options shown below.
Sizes include 2-3"
of white paper for
Kids, click on Dr. Wilderness below. Enter the user name kinkajou, and the secret password from the bottom of the poster. You'll find the
A to Z answers!
To open a new window and see the poster at a larger size...click here.
You can purchase this poster in three different printed sizes!

12' x 18" " 21" x 30" " 24" x 36"

Item: DRW028
Size: 21" x 30"
Price: $14.95
If you have more space, this might be just the right size for you.
We have 20 cool sound snippets for you to listen to!!!
Click the CD to go to the sound snippet page!
If you would like to sample one of the sound snippets

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What in the World is a Kinkajou?
(and Why in the World should it Matter to You?)
Click the CD to find out!
Purchase 3 and get the 21" x 30" poster free!
We are very proud to be associated with such a talent! We hope to bring you many new and innovative products as we collaborate with Dr. Wilderness in the near future.

For more interesting information, check out the Bio page we have assembled for Dr. Wilderness on our site...click here

You can link to the Dr. Wilderness site by clicking on the web link at the bottom of this brief bio, or

Item: DRW036
Size: 24" x 36"
Price: $19.95
This is a great size when you want to see the smallest detail.
This poster is printed on sturdy, heavy weight matte paper with our state-of-the-art, high-resolution, seven color poster printer. We then laminate the poster double -sided for durability and ship in double-boxed containers. We guarantee years of use if properly handled and displayed. This poster is for indoor use only and is suitable for framing.
Artwork and text copyright © Leaping Antelope Productions
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