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We are currently expanding our line of products for each reseller level. Every one of our products has a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can distribute and sell with confidence. We stand behind each and every sale and offer toll-free support for you and your customers. As an reseller member you will have private access to orders you have placed with us. The information we provide will allow you to track the status of any order at any time, and report back to your customers.

Please feel free to inquire about this remarkable opportunity... the possibilities are up to you.

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Reseller FAQ Page
Updated 10/4/2007
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Startup Kit Overview
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We are committed to creating products that help our readers Learn, Explore, Accomplish and Plan. Please browse our site. Most of our products are here, although we are currently updating our site so some of our new products have not yet been listed.

If you are interested in becoming a sales associate, fill out the form below and send it in. We will review your submission and contact you as soon as we can. We will be building our reseller network over the 2008 calendar year. Thanks for your interest!

Reseller Inquiry
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Our reseller network consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If youre just venturing into product sales and would like to try your hand at developing a business, then the Bronze level is for you.

An experienced sales person may want to begin at the Silver level. You already understand how to develop sales channels and want to begin with a fairly extensive product line. We'll support your efforts every step of the way.

Our Gold level is for people who have a great deal of confidence in their ability to represent quality products that entertain and educate. Gold sales people work with us closely to launch new products and to create innovative ways to sell and repackage existing products.

You can check out each of the three levels we are offering by clicking on the links to the left. The files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF® format and can be viewed online or downloaded for printout at your convenience.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with us directly, you may do so by calling us at 1-888-909-LEAP, M-F, 10 am to 5 pm PST.

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Please Note:
All fields with ** are required for us to process your request. If we think you are a good match, we will contact you within 7 business days. All are encouraged to apply.

No experience is necessary. The startup fee is minimal and there is no cost to submit your inquiry. You are under no obligation.

Please check our policy page for privacy rules. We do not share your personal information with anyone for any reason. We keep all information strictly private.

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