The Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts Poster

Kids it’s time to grab your safari hat and throw some cold water on your soon-to-be-awakened science brain and let’s go on an expedition with Dr. Wilderness!

This adventure will take us around the world where we’ll explore Amazing to Zany Animal Facts. The animals, habitats and alphabet clues will help you answer the 26 questions that Dr. Wilderness needs to compile his scientific report. At the moment he’s not so sure-footed so he’s hoping you’ll help! (After all, every serious scientific study depends on diligent data deductions, doubly checked to develop statistically verifiable conclusions.)

This colorful, fascinating zoo for the eyes contains a question and answer for every letter of the alphabet. And speaking of A to Z, your mind will go into Active mode instead of Zombie mode once you start researching these odd and entertaining facts.

We thought we should warn you that this poster could lead to some dangerous aftereffects. Once your brain is sparked scientifically, you might not be able to shut it off. You might get curious about all sorts of things and then suddenly one day you’ll wake up and realize that your brain hasn’t been in Zombie mode for a really long time.

You can purchase this poster in three different printed sizes!

  • 12′ x 18″
  • 21″ x 30″
  • 24″ x 36″