The Dr. Wilderness Show

The Dr. Wilderness Show

The Dr. Wilderness Show has been dazzling elementary children and adults for over ten years. This exciting, magical performance captivates children with its music and dancing, stage tricks, mystery and electronic puppetry. The show is entertaining and fun, but it also carries a powerful message about contemporary environmental issues. After all, our Earth and its resources are magic…a magic we don’t want to disappear.

This blend of learning and laughter covers a broad range of topics—planet Earth, air, water, trees and forests, biodiversity, endangered and threatened wildlife, recycling and energy conservation. Or, as Dr. Wilderness calls it, Natural Resourcery.

Kudos for Dr. Wilderness…

The show garnered several Emmys as a 1994 primetime television special produced by Station KOIN (CBS) in Portland. Dr. Wilderness, aka Khevin Barnes, was voted “Best Family Entertainer” in 1997 by the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. The Audubon Society has heralded Dr. Wilderness as “America’s Premier Environmental Magician.”

In 1998, Khevin wrote, arranged and performed the show’s songs for a music CD entitled What in the World is a Kinkajou? Intended for the young and young-at-heart, the CD has received critical acclaim in the Pacific Northwest. In May 2002, the Dr. Wilderness Show received the coveted EARTH Award from the City of San Diego and EarthNetwork for helping educate more than 200,000 children in San Diego County about the importance of water conservation.

Tours Around the World…

Based in San Diego, the show is performed about 200 times a year and has been seen in primary schools in California, Oregon and Washington. In California, the show has been performed in Paso Robles, Huntington Beach, the City of Santa Barbara, Palmdale, and Rosamond. Five consecutive 160-show tours were presented in San Diego for the San Diego County Water Authority.

Other performance venues include the Ventura Discovery Center, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the National Orange Show, Water Festivals and Earth Day Celebrations in all three states. In addition to its U.S. tours, The Dr. Wilderness Show has also been performed in over forty other countries! Recent world tours, some 100 performances outside the U.S., were booked in Germany, Japan and Korea on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDs).

A Powerful Mission…

The content of the show is politically neutral. There is no advocacy for a specific position, but rather, it promotes an appreciation for natural resources, protection of endangered species, conservation and recycling. Because of these universal themes and the program’s overall effectiveness in delivering important information to children, the show has broad appeal to schools, utility companies, museums of natural history and science, and municipal governments. Dr. Wilderness has created a unique opportunity for environmental collaboration and community co-sponsorship, on behalf of planet Earth and children everywhere!

Organizations that Support The Dr. Wilderness Show…

A 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, The Dr. Wilderness Show has been generously sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority, the Municipal Water District of Orange County, Portland General Electric, Northwest Natural Gas, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Salem Electric, Salem Public Works, Eugene Water and Electric Board and the Columbia River Public Utility District.

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