The Enchanting World of Parent-Child Conversational Reading How to Choose Books the Bring Joy and Meaning to Your Child”s Life

by Marilee Joy Mayfield

This free eBook will give you extraordinary insight ito the value of read aloud books, and the lifetime beneficial effects you can impart to your children.

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You can hold this secret in the palm of your hand. With your guidance, this easy-to-accomplish technique has the potential to dramatically improve your child’s growth and development for the rest of his life. This simple technique takes only 15 minutes a day and is available to every parent regardless of economic constraints or social status. Parents, teachers and caregivers have been using this method for generations but only in recent years have the dramatic advantages of this process been firmly established by countless educational reports and government studies.

This 22 page pecial report will clarify many of the techniques used to enhance and stimulate your child’s love of reading. Marilee Joy Mayfield is the author of five books for children and has been involved in writing, teaching and publishing since she first wrote a series of magazines with her sister, when she was eleven years old and her sister was eight!