The Golden Cricket A Story of Luck and Prosperity

Illustrations by Randy Jennings
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield

This captivating fable for children and adults teaches the power of transformation and abundance in our everyday lives.
Do you remember books you read as a child that made you look at your world differently? You read them time and time again and, as you got older, the story suddenly had a new layer of meaning that you hadn’t seen before.

Li Yang and his family have worked for many years on their farm with the very steep hills. The great rains come and take away all they have worked for in a few short days. Li Yang can’t sleep, he is worried about how to provide for his family, until he hears a mysterious sound… and his life is changed forever.

Filled with inspiring illustrations by master artist Randy Jennings, this story is an adventure, with the cycles of nature as its backdrop. Is it a story about a cricket? Yes, but it’s also a story about the ebbs and tides of fortune and the way an ordinary farmer gains strength to continue his life’s journey.

Is it a story about poverty and riches? Yes, in a way it is. But sometimes we don’t see the gold in our lives. Maybe it’s hidden under a piece of pottery or maybe it’s in the shimmering, golden sliver of the moon. Maybe if we’re very still and listen right before we fall asleep we’ll hear it in the golden notes of a cricket’s song.