TOP movies with the best soundtracks 2019

TOP movies with the best soundtracks 2019

The sound of the film is very important for the transfer of a full-fledged atmosphere. Try to watch a horror movie without sound, and you will understand that nothing terrible is left there. It is music that is often the factor that helps to sharpen all the most important moments of the film. It will make the viewer cry, laugh, or freeze in fear. Hollywood knows that and it always has a very responsible approach to the process of creating sound. This is both a basic soundtrack and the rest of the film’s sound content.

If we talk about 2019, then this year, like all previous ones, has a tendency to show us more and more superhero films

The fashion for special effects and modern graphics is only growing, which means that the soundtrack of films is also becoming more and more pompous and the mix of orchestral pieces and electronic music is becoming more and more common. In this article, we would like to list the main films of 2019, which were able to distinguish themselves in this direction and gave us the most serious breakthrough in the direction of soundtracks.

Speaking of soundtracks, we cannot ignore the fact that Oscar received the song of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper “Shallow”. The film “A star is born” became quite an interesting experiment of the famous singer, but this song was able to decorate it and presented Lady Gaga in a new lyrical way. In addition, there are many other interesting compositions that are very similar in style to “Shallow.” A wave of popularity has passed around the world, and already many artists managed to perform this song in their own way. The song really deserves praise, because despite its simplicity, it can touch the soul of each person. The duet of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was a pleasant surprise, which they gave their fans.

Speaking about the power of modern sounds, we can not fail to mention the company Marvel, which has long been working not only on creating a picture, but also on a very interesting voice acting for its hits. For example, avengers endgame lyrics can be an interesting discovery for each viewer, because there you can find music of completely different genres, which will be the perfect complement to a variety of scenes. Speaking of Marvel, it is impossible not to notice their desire for excellence in everything. They try to bring into their film humor, drama, thriller, beautiful views, touch upon many human feelings and drastically change the viewer’s emotion from experiencing to joy and back.

Due to this, they achieve such box office success, and the music greatly helps to increase the effect. After all, a properly approved melody will make sad moments even more sad, and drama increases many times over. This affects the perception of the picture and gives the viewer exactly what he needs.

But Marvel films are far from the only ones that can boast of excellent soundtracks in 2019. We should also mention the film Green Book, which is filled with very interesting jazz compositions. The film was quite an unexpected discovery and impressed the audience with its frankness and play of actors.

The film of Robert Rodriguez “Alita: Battle Angel” was also highly anticipated. It has something in common with Marvel films in its content and is also filled with very high-quality sound throughout the film. The style of the story makes the sound engineer now and then carry the viewer into the world of battles and high-quality special effects.
Each film is considered complete only when all the soundtracks are recorded, and each scene can qualitatively convey the intensity of passions. Many people want to find some soundtracks of the world cinema and websites like this one can help to do it There is a complete set of music for every taste and everyone will be able to choose something suitable for themselves.