What steroids to choose and what TheRoids offer?

What steroids to choose and what TheRoids offer?

Online store TheRoids.ws is designed with one main goal in mind – so that all of its physical training clients can quickly and easily purchase steroids to improve their body. Now there is no need to look for a proven and reliable seller on the Internet. Everything that you order on our website will be of exceptionally excellent quality and, if used correctly, will not harm your health.  

Please note that positive effects are possible only from the use of original anabolic and androgenic drugs. Beware of cheap imitations. In our online store you can find only licensed, original and proven sports pharmacology.

What steroids to choose and what TheRoids offer?

Choosing steroids, many athletes are faced with the problem of which form of drugs to use: oral or injectable. If you need steroids cheaply, the oral form is often cheaper and is suitable for beginners. The injectable form takes effect more quickly and is not as toxic to the liver. For this reason, professional athletes with experience in steroid use often choose injectables. 

The purchase of a particular drug depends on the final goal. Our range contains steroids for:

  • mass building: testosterone esters, Oxymetholone Boldenone Trenbolone and others;   
  • dry muscle gain without rollback: Turinabol Primobolan and others;  
  • drying the whole body – Stanozolol ( Winstrol ), Oxandrolone Halotest and others.  

Using our website, you can not only buy steroids in Canada , but we also offer a wide selection of other types of sports pharmacology: 

  1. fat burners ;
  2. hormone growth ;
  3. chorionic gonadotropin ;
  4. sports nutrition;
  5. peptides;
  6. means for increasing potency ;
  7. aromatase blockers ;
  8. testosterone boosters ;
  9. drugs for post-cycle therapy .

A competent course of steroids without harm to health involves the use of additional funds. Each steroid inhibits the production of natural testosterone, so after the course, you must undergo PCT https://theroids.ws/hgh-amp-hcg/. Also, a long course of a powerful agent requires the use of hCG so that there is no testicular atrophy. In addition, some AAS are highly aromatized, which aromatase inhibitors will help to stop .

How much mass will I gain on the course?

The main purpose of using steroids is to gain muscle mass, dry out the body, increase strength and endurance. At the heart of each steroid is the male sex hormone testosterone, which affects the muscle mass of the athlete. On average, for a course of a steroid, you can gain 4-15 kg of muscle mass (depending on the specific drug chosen). If you need more detailed numbers:

  • Stanozolol (injectable form – Winstrol ) – up to 5 kg of dried mass without rollback;
  • Oxandrolone – up to 2 kg of dry muscle; 
  • Turinabol – up to 6 kg of dry high-quality muscles; 
  • Testosterone ( enanthate , cypionate ) – up to 8 kg of muscle mass. 

Steroids, to a certain extent, tend to convert to female sex hormones estrogens, so the most common side effect of using AAS is signs of aromatization – gynecomastia (itching, swelling, nipple lumps), high blood pressure, water retention and other symptoms. Therefore, in no case should the recommended dosages be neglected.

Why TheRoids.ws?

Original steroids without prepayment are quite possible in our online store. TheRoids.ws has been working in the sales of sports pharmaceuticals for several years. Many people trust us because we: 

  • we carry out the fastest possible dispatch of goods to any part of the country;
  • we accept orders around the clock;
  • we provide profitable discounts for regular customers;
  • we provide the possibility of online payment for the order;
  • we will always advise you on the choice of the optimal drug, we will help with the preparation of an effective course.

The steroids purchased on the site have not disappointed anyone yet. We care about our own reputation and the health of our clients. We only have original certified pharma from trusted suppliers. Many manufacturers of sports pharmacology place special originality codes on their products, which can be checked on the official website of the manufacturer. Therefore, if you have any doubts, you can always be sure of the quality of the products https://theroids.ws/.